Public Survey Evaluation

 What worked well -
  • Representing the brand FA through uniform and logo -
  • Set out of survey – selected questions
  • Time and location, after school hours not too late, centre of town
  • Confidence – performing in roles, helped having both of us
  • Form of documentation, photography was subtle to public

What didn’t work as well -

  • Lighting for photography, dusk due to time and season make photographs unclear, especially as it was subtle – long distance shots
  • After various rejections, subconsciously prejudging peoples willingness to participate, resulting in bias results.
  • Could have done this performance survey in multiple locations to collect varied results.

Additional comments -

  • Security guard moved us after 10 minutes outside drake circus as it was a no survey area, didn’t ask to see ID.
  • Interesting patterns watching people avoid walking near us.
  • People lying about their use of Facebook to avoid answering questions on our survey when approached.
  • Interesting to see publics engagements with our uniforms and badges as we walked through town to location.
  • Public’s assumptions that we were from Facebook, no one asked us what organization we were with.
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